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A story by Terry Harron about meeting a relative in Toronto
A story by Terry Harron about meeting a relative in Toronto
About 20 years ago not long after we had bought a caravan in a park about an hours drive north of Toronto, I signed up one Saturday afternoon for a men's doubles horseshoes competition.

About five minutes after I wrote down my name someone asked in a loud Scottish voice "who's Terry Harron?"

I stood up and noticed it was a guy who I had met…
Barr story
Barr story
The farthest back I have on the Barr side our 3 x great grandparents, James and Rose Barr, who had a son called James (I’ll call him James 2 for convenience). James 2 married Mary Doherty, daughter of William and Mary Doherty; I’ll call her Mary 2.

James 2 was born in Gobnascale in 1816/17 and died in St Columb’s Wells in 1875. Mary 2…
French and Harron story
French and Harron story
French Side:

Our great-grandfather James French was born in 1835 and his wife Jane Lynch was born in 1841. Date of marriage is not known but they seem to have lived in Rylands, Bodoney Lower Parish, Gortin, Co. Tyrone until at least 1870 as their son James French was born there in that year.

They then moved to Gallen outside Newtownstewart…
Johnnie Harron stories
Johnnie Harron stories
Johnny was my Granda Harron’s brother so he was my father’s uncle; even though he was actually my generation’s grand uncle or great uncle, we usually referred to him just as ‘Uncle Johnny’.

Johnny lived in Artigarvan and had two sons, Mickey and Patsy and three daughters Annie, Maggie and Lena.

Mickey was quite a well known…
McLaughlin and Thomas story
McLaughlin and Thomas story
Our 2 x great-grandparents on the McLaughlin side were John McLaughlin and his wife Margaret Doherty. They had at least 4 children that we know of; there may have been some older ones. The fourth known child was our great-grandfather Thomas was born in 1856.

The farthest back on the Thomas side I have is our 3 x great-grandparents. I don’t…
Painting by Pat McDevitt
Painting by Pat McDevitt
Click on the image for Pat's lovely reminiscence of Granny Harron visiting her in Newtownstewart and sharing her memory of various places in the painting.

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