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This site is centred around the family of Joe and Annie Harron from Strabane and later Limavady. It expands out into a number of other families, particularly the French family, maternal ancestors of Joe Harron and the Barr/McLaughin families, the paternal/maternal ancestors of Annie. You can see the range of family names in the name cloud at the bottom of this page

My name is Martin Harran, and I am the seventh child of Joe and Annie. As the person who put the site together and mostly maintains it, I have used myself as a point of reference in various places. For example, when I refer in a photo or note to "my grandfather", that will mean two generations up from me.

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What's in a name?

Why two spellings - Harran and Harron?

The short answer is that it depends on who filled in a particular official document. I have twelve siblings. Eleven of them are recorded as Harron; the other sibling, Peter, and I were registered as Harran. Although "an" was his official name, Peter chose to stay with "on" in line with our other siblings; I chose to go with "an" and that has continued onto my own children.

This name inconsistency is not just in my generation; my great grandfather and his family are recorded in the 1901 census as Harran, in the 1901 census they are recorded as Harron.

So take your pick!


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Although I have put the tree together for this site, doing that is is some ways the easy part, the really hard part is tracking down the information in the first place. Numerous people have provided me with that information, particularly my older siblings Michael, Margaret and Pat and my cousin Margo Duddy who helped clarify family relationships and provided me with numerous personal recollections and family stories. A few individuals outside my immediate family have made considerable contributions:

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The site contains such a wide range of information and detail that it can be a bit overwhelming initially so I have prepared a YouTube video showing how to use it. It runs for 14 minutes but I strongly recommend watching it if you are new to this sort of website.

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