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1 53 at death according to death cert, 56 according to the burial record

Grave MC76 
Barr, William (I36)
2 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Harran, Martin (I675138522)
3 Age given as 72 on death cert Devenny, Daniel (I407)
4 Andy met Maura in a guesthouse in Bundoran where he and Jimmy were staying after cycling from Limerick! Family: Andrew “Andy” Barr / Mary “Maura” Campbell (F49)
5 Aunt Lily thought this lady's maiden name was Crowe but various people who researched the family are sure it was Lynch.

Lily also said she was from Ardstraw but that might not have been the village, it could have been a reference to the Parish of Ardstraw which includes Glenock, Gortin and Greencastle which is the area that James French came from. 
Lynch, Bridget (I675138610)
6 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Harron, Patrick Joseph “Patsy” (I675138589)
7 Born Grange Harron, Margaret (I675138583)
8 Born Moyagh Harron, William (I353)
9 Both living in Liscloon at time of marriage Family: James Harron / (F13)
10 Brendan Duddy was a prominent businessman in Derry and played a key role in the Northern Ireland peace process, acting as a go-between for the British government and the IRA.

His biography can be got on Wikipedia:
Duddy, Brendan (I123)
11 Death cert (1938) and burial record both state age as 72 but that can't be right as it would have left her born c1866 and only 12 at birth of her first child James (my granda). later found year of birth as 1860 from another tree on Geni by Linda Mary Houston. Also found more info on parents, grandparents and siblings.
Doherty, Catherine (I37)
12 Death cert gives age as 62 Gallagher, Margaret (I408)
13 Died as an infant, buried either Christmas day or Boxing day. Barr, Gerard Thomas (I164)
14 Died Bunowen Carlin, Hugh (I675138601)
15 Died in Great war 1914-18 Norris, Stephen (I675138626)
16 Died in Nursing Home near Stroud, Gloucestershire Harron, William “Willie” (I675138537)
17 Died young Thomas, Daughter 1 (I101)
18 DOB stated as 1862 on Colamosca chart but 1865 on birth cert Thomas, Margaret (I23)
19 Drowned in a swimming accident in the River Foyle when he was only 16 or 17 Barr, Andrew “Digger” (I44)
20 Emigrated to New York area French, Thomas (I675138594)
21 Famous fiddle player. Harron, Hugh “Hughie” (I675138585)
22 From burial record Barr, Terence (I32)
23 From burial record Barr, Philomena (I33)
24 Had pawn shop in Waterloo Street, Derry.

No children
Family: James “Jimmy” Barr / Nora Meenan (F50)
25 He joined the British Army at the age of 16 not long after his mum Annie died.

He was a hero who rescued victims of the Sun Flour Mill Explosion at Bow Lock in London in 1965 in which 4 people died. Here is a link to a Youtube video about the explosion, Andy is interviewed in it starting at 2:02.

His bravery was recognised by the Borough and Mayer and he was awarded the Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct. 
French, Andrew John Phillip “Andy” (I213)
26 James and Rose Barr as parents taken from burial record for James Barr died 12 Jan 1875 Family: James Barr / Rose Barr (F119)
27 John's year of birth on the Colamosca chart is hard to make out. It looks like 1866 but that can't be right as his daughter Mary was born in 1853.

What I am fairly certain is John's death certificate shows him dying in 1905 aged 62 but I think that age is an error - again, it would be too young to have fathered children from 1853 onwards.

The 1901 census shows him living with his daughter Margaret (Maggie) and her husband Daniel Boyle who registered his death; in that census, it gives his age as 70 so I have taken his correct year of birth as 1830/31 - which also matches what I think is the year of birth his wife Susanna. 
Thomas, John (I16)
28 Known as "Minnie" - first name Mary from birth cert of son William James Logue, Minnie (I675138602)
29 Lived and died at 17 Millview, Artigarvan Harron, John “Johnnie” (I675138582)
30 Lived at 132.2 Fahan Street, Derry.

According to 1911 census, Sarah and Michael had 12 children with only 4 alive at that stage. 
Family: Michael King / Sarah Barr (F21)
31 Marriage cert:

Living in Mullinagung, Ballindrait
Occupation - labourer
Father - John Clarke 
Clarke, George (I275)
32 Married a man called Clarke. She/they emigrated to the USA but she returned home after he died. My sister Margaret remembers often walking out to visit her where she lived in a little round gatehouse at Castletown, outside Strabane Harron, Ellen (I675138587)
33 Married Name:<_MARNM> Canning McCrossan, Marie (I675138569)
34 Married Name:<_MARNM> Condron McCrossan, Paddy-Ann (I675138571)
35 Married Name:<_MARNM> Crawford Holmes, Jane “Jeanie” (I675138531)
36 Married Name:<_MARNM> Duddy McCrossan, Margo (I675138570)
37 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Crawford, Carmel (I675138523)
38 Married Name:<_MARNM> Harron French, Bridget (I675138533)
39 Married Name:<_MARNM> Harron Norris, Kathleen (I675138538)
40 Married Name:<_MARNM> Holmes Devenney, Isabella “Bella” (I675138580)
41 Married Name:<_MARNM> Kelly Harron, Annie Mary (I675138584)
42 Married Name:<_MARNM> McCafferty Harron, Martha (I675138588)
43 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Harron, Margaret (I675138517)
44 Married Name:<_MARNM> Rossinberger French, Anna Maria (I675138620)
45 Member of Óglaigh Na hÉireann (IRA) died from leukemia in 1992 whilst incarcerated in Long Kesh after the British government refused to allow him home to die.

A brief biography can be found here:
Kinsella, Pól (I170)
46 Moved to Glasgow. Harron, James (I675138586)
47 Name Prefix: Father Barr, Fr Joseph “Joe” (I675138548)
48 Name Prefix: Father Canning, Thomas (I675138576)
49 Name Prefix: Sister Barr, Sr. Patricia Esther “Patsy” (I675138550)
50 Never married Thomas, Daughter 2 (I102)

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